Dashboards developed by and for operators

To make life easier

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Ready to use

No need to invest in dashboard design: ours are built and ready-to-go, thanks to the shared business intelligence of thousands of our users.

Available any time where you need them most

Available via any medium wherever your business operates--our dashboards allow you to interpret and act on up-to-the-minute data relevant to you.


Designed to match our users' needs, the interfaces are easy to grasp and enable you to identify operating problems at a glance.


The dashboards harness a wealth of continual user experience, putting actionable information in your hands.


Dashboards are constantly enhanced, incorporating a steady flow of new functionality to meet regulatory constraints and feedback from users, thanks to weekly updates included in the price and with no service interruption.


Putting an end to meeting mania: the administrator can grant access rights to all members of the utility in order to facilitate information sharing and collaborate more effectively.


Does a result seem off? In a few clicks, access raw data and the formulas used. If data error is involved, it can be corrected on the fly: all corrections are signed and time stamped.

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From $30 per dashboard depending on your facilities
"Before, we were using tools created by IT people; they were complicated and not adapted to the job. FluksAqua's feel like tools created by operators."
Responsible for water and wastewater
"I feel like my feedback on the product is actually taken into account. It isn't a top-down decision; it's from the ground up, so the app is both well adapted and super convenient. "
Leak Detection Technician
"My leak detection team is very happy because they no longer need someone to retrieve their data; they can access it themselves when they need to—they are more autonomous.